Parag is renowned for his expertise in entrepreneurship and research. He is the founder and CEO of Jus Dicere, nation’s leading organization working towards empowering law students. He is pursuing his five-year law graduation program from Symbiosis International (Deemed University).

His internship & working experience includes working with various renowned lawyers & firms of the country. Titus & Co., Mr. Deepak Rawal (Assistant Solicitor General of India), Mr. Ioannis SARMAS (Judge, Supreme Court of Greece) to name a few. His highly diversified portfolio gives him insights with practical advice rooted in both law and real-world experience.

Parag has over 10 publications in his name and has been working on various issues over the years. His experience in research includes working on various areas including environment, human rights, and criminal laws.

Parag founded Jus Dicere in initial days of his Law School journey with the objective of providing a platform to fellow students for expressing their opinions and showcasing their research not only on a national scale but also to a huge base of international readers and making well-researched content conveniently available to the legal fraternity. Today, Jus Dicere has evolved multiple verticals with individual aims and objectives to serve the Legal Fraternity.

Parag had the privilege of working with some of the most competent and eminent personalities of the industry who provide him with constant support and encouragement in his endeavor towards a gainful learning and interactive experience to carve a niche in the horizons of success.

Parag’s team value his vast experience and rational approach to various transactions. He is viewed as pragmatic, focused and always accessible. Parag always enjoys networking and building up long-term relationships with people based on trust and transparency.

Parag holds the title of Child Scientist awarded to him in 2012 by National Children’s Science Congress, A Department of Science & Technology, Government of India.