Working Towards Being the Best Version of You

In the entire journey from being a kid to reaching the age of adulthood, and even further, we have all met and continue to meet with a common road asking us to Do Our Best, Perform our Best,  work to the best of our Potential, and the like.

But do we really know what does it mean in day to day life? Or perhaps what do we do to practically be the best version of ourselves?

When it comes to my personal opinion, I may not even literally agree with the topic that states “Working” towards being the best version of you. To me, being the best of myself is synonymous with knowing who I am in true sense, and the latter would not really require considerable efforts or Working. It may be termed as a paradox but if a person has to make efforts for knowing who he actually is, there might not be any Truth coming to his way which would reveal his true self to him.

I say this with a kind of Logic behind. Being a law student I am not supposed to make statements otherwise! When we work, or say make efforts in a particular direction, for the attainment of a specific result, we tend to expect what the result would actually be like. Rather than being Descriptive, we start moving in a Normative Direction attaching our own expectations to the fore coming result. We then manipulate the methods or even the result, to meet our own expected standards. And I assume this goes the same way with almost every one of us.

Taking analogy with the aforementioned behavior, when people work or start making efforts to know their true selves or the best version of themselves, they start associating certain sociologically acceptable norms, and standards of behavior which count as desirable or undesirable, and inculcating those standards in oneself.  Owing to this they end up knowing what an ideal version of them would be like, rather than what the true and best version of them are!

Hence in order to be the best version of one self, one must first set himself free from the expected and normative standards of behavior and then observe what his likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests are.  In the ever growing complex and competitive world, where being the best version of oneself is also materialized to become a tagline, and a kind of race, one must understand that this best version instead requires him to quit the race and live every ounce of life without any second complex thought.

At the onset it requires one to completely own himself. It requires him become aware of his potentials in totality, and then accept his own self completely with all those qualities. He must understand that there is nothing called “flaw” and that the diversity of mankind only results in relative virtues.

The second requirement relates to learning or creating what a person wants or desires. This can be writing, singing, painting or anything that gives him a sense of fullness. There however lies a thin gap in what the society wants him to learn and what he wants to explore, which should be taken care of by him.

Being the best of oneself may not be a possible thing to attain if a person does not have a positive circle. Life is never a cakewalk, I agree, but it requires you to accept every ounce of it with a sense of fighting spirit. Rare things are challenging so is life. Afterall we get it only once and it can be taken away at any instance.One requires not only the spirit of life but also a circle who keeps him elevated in dark times and encourage him with the positive vibes. Only then can a person realize the value of love, care and support.

At the end, Respect who you are, what you dream and what are your potentials. We are all unique and the best version of us wants us to acknowledge that uniqueness.

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