Making the best use of your five years of College

“Law is a two way sword, which depending on the way of use can either make or break the world.”

This was told to me in my childhood days by an honorable judicial magistrate. Dwelling into the saying for a rather long time, I decided to pursue law, not because I wanted to be an eminent personality in the Legal Fraternity, but because I wanted to restore the trust of common man on the justice delivery mechanism of this Nation.

Making a career in Legal Field is both challenging and rewarding, and the major reason behind this is that one gives his 5 long years into a Law School. It then becomes pivotal to utilize these five years wisely, because yes Time does not come back. I am not an old school person and definitely not supporting the stand that one should not enjoy his 5 years of Law School, all I want to make the readers understand is that the 5 years which an individual gives to his law school for learning laws of the Nations, are pivotal. They carry with them ample of opportunities and endless ventures, which if utilized in the best possible way can brightly color the future of the Law Learners.

Having said that, again, there is no fixed modus for the best possible utilization of the years one spends in his Law School. It is not universal and varies from person to person contingent on his likes and dislikes. However there are some preferable do(s) which in peak leeway stands helpful for the Law students.

As far as my outlook is in play, I assume that save a few cases, a fresher is not cent percent sure of what his likes and choices are. There are ‘n’ number of gates for him and at some or the other point he shuffles himself from one door to another. One of the best possible utilizations of these 5 years is exploration of these doors by a young law student. In the initial years of his Law School, say the first three years, he must reconnoiter himself with all sorts of Internships to gain the practical experience and make a clear insight as to what are the areas of his interest. This is pivotal because the biggest mistake one makes in his Law School is blindly following the herd of peers and not taking into account his own interests and desires.

The next thing which can be considered important is that once a student decides his area of interest, he should start working upon it with full efficiency. A Law student should anyways take up everything that he does, with full responsibility and dedication, be it moot courts, research papers, internships, assignments whatsoever. However when he gets clear about the line to choose, he should research, intern, and shape himself in a way that is acceptable to the former. At the same time, doing justice with the academics should also be taken care of.

Taking up law is not only about earning huge sums, rather the fundamental requirement of common people, from students taking up law is that they can make the process of justice delivery understandable and accessible to the mass. Today there are malicious conducts happening in the legal reign ranging from professional misconduct to challenging the work ethics of court. This should be taken into account by the young law student because he has the potential to create awareness and changes in mindset of people who do not find the Judiciary credible.

At the end I would turn that Law is full of possibilities, and provide bounteous time to the students for exploring and learning these possibilities. Further it is full of competition and dreams sailing into the environment. One must utilize all the opportunities, time, and resources in order to attain his goal and in some way or the other make an impact on the society. Meanwhile during the 5 years pro bono services for the needy must also be a goal for every law student to attain. He must remember that Law is for the betterment of the Society and we as youth carry enough time and resources in order to shape both the society and the legal era of the Nation.

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